Is Not the Monaco Show Too Big Already?

The Monaco Show begins next week and so starts an extravaganza that stretches from Wednesday through until Saturday.

It is a non stop affair with early morning press briefing breakfasts starting a day that frequently does not end until close on midnight.
Some say the show is too big for the four day run and as one who has a diary with no space in it at all over those four days I might be one to agree!

That be as it may as of 2014, the show is to get bigger extending its berth capacities to the entrance of Port Hercules to host:
  • Four more 35 metre yachts
  • Four more 40 metre yachts
  • One more 45 metre yacht
  • Two more 50 metre yachts
  • One more 68 metre yacht
  • One more 90 metre yacht
  • Two more 120 metre yachts

This means next year’s edition will host an extra 15 super yachts over and above the 103 expected this year ranging from 25 to 120 metres LOA with an average length at approx. 48.50 metres.
From 2015, the MYS will even extend even more extending onto the semi-floating breakwater that will be set up to exhibit yachts of over 100 metres.
This project to increase the berth capacities is the very first result of the new partnership signed last June 28 by
  • Port Hercules: The Monaco Harbours Management Company (S.E.P.M.)
  • Monaco Yacht Club
  • The Monaco Yacht Show

Their partnership clearly aiming to establish “Monaco, as the world’s capital of yachting”.