Feadship Stages Flash Mob Event at Monaco Yacht Show

The Monaco Show is the window into the world of the super yacht and everyone in the industry watches it and what goes on over the four days just passed.

One innovative event that took place was when the entire 150 staff of naval architects at Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects. Today 150 staff members left their drawing boards and computer screens behind them to visit the Monaco Show and stage a Mob Flash.

To do it they had to give up a days annual leave show up at Schipol airport at 0430 in the morning catch a flight to Nice and spend the day at the show.

And they paid for it themselves!

Appearing as it where from nowhere they suddenly appeared on the dock wearing especially printed T shirts they revealed the message ‘All these other yachts are a great way to find out that what you really want is a Feadship.’ 

Exhausted but pleased with their day’s ‘work’, the flash mob arrived back at Schiphol Airport at 23:50 that same night before making their way home full of fresh ideas. 

We can only hope that the Dutch coffee will be extra-strong in the morning at the Feadship de Voogt office in Haarlem to ensure that the creative juices continue to flow.