$30M is generated annually by those visiting Fiji on yachts

In a story by Gwen Mc Goon writing for Fiji Village.com it has been revealed that while the number of those arriving on yachts may be small the length of their stay however is often around 6 months, impacting how much they spend in the islands.
Vuda Marina Director John Philip said this is also clear indication of how yachting tourism is growing in the country.
Last year a total of 645 yachts visited Fiji and Philip said an average yacht spends $47,000 in the country.
On the luxury end of yachts Philip said 40 super yachts visited the country last year spending over a million Fijian dollars.
Philip added that the million dollar expansion works on the Vuda Marina is expected to be completed in 3 years, and will further boost Fiji as a yachting destination.