Will Yacht Crews Be Ready for Caribbean Port State Control CIC Visits?

In issue 19 of Classification News published by Lloyd’s Register there is aStatutory Alert detailing a Caribbean port state concentrated inspection campaign – MARPOL Annex I

The contents of which apply to the Owners and operators of all vessels operating in Caribbean waters:
It says; “The Caribbean Memorandum of Understanding (CMOU) on port state control is launching its first Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC). This will assess compliance with MARPOL Annex I, regulation 14, and will last for three months, starting on 1 September, 2013 and ending on 30 November, 2013.

The CIC will investigate the operability of oil filtering equipment systems and the arrangements for handling sludge (i.e., whether sludge has been discharged into port reception facilities, burnt in an incinerator or in an auxiliary boiler suitable for burning oil residues, mixed with fuel or handled using other alternative arrangements).

In practice, the CIC will mean that during a regular PSC inspection carried out within the CMOU region, the vessel’s oil filtering equipment, IOPP certificate, Oil Record Book Part 1, maintenance records and other applicable documentation will be verified in more detail for compliance with MARPOL Annex I.

Port State Control Officers will use a questionnaire during the CIC

This contains 12 questions relating to documentation, equipment and crew familiarisation.
When deficiencies are found, actions by the port state may vary from recording a deficiency and instructing the Master to rectify it within a certain period to detaining the ship (super yacht) until serious deficiencies have been rectified.

The results of the CIC will be analysed and findings will be presented to the governing body of the CMOU for submission to the IMO.

Super yachts themselves will undoubtably be within the scope. The question is however will crew be ready?