Monaco Yacht Show Plan first edition of Monaco Yacht Summit on the day before the show’s opening

Organisers of the Monaco Yacht Show are planning to hold their first edition of the Monaco Yacht Summit on the day before the show’s opening.

Taking place at the Grimaldi Forum in the heart of Monaco, the Monaco Yacht Summit aims to provide an annual forum for the yachting world, in order to address issues of importance to yacht owners and buyers and to create a space where the biggest players in yachting can meet, talk and build links.

The Summit will bring together a panel of experts, company heads and leading figures from the yachting world, but also business leaders and panel members from other spheres to enrich the debate and broaden perspectives for the future.

Taking the form of three round table discussions themed on customer issues, the Monaco Yacht Summit will address the new situations arising in yachting, the new expectations and the new opportunities opening up

Each subject will be introduced by a talk from an expert, followed by discussion among the panel of personalities, with a well-known figure acting as facilator.

“Through 23 editions, the Monaco Yacht Show has offered yacht owners, buyers and enthusiasts the very best that the world’s boat builder, brokers and yachting professionals have to offer, in the unique setting of the Prinicipality of Monaco and in a professional but festive atmosphere,” explains Gaelle Talarida, Managing Director of the Monaco Yacht Show.

Partnering with the Monaco Government Tourist Office and Convention Authority, this is the first summit ever organised by the Monaco Yacht Show in 23 years and it hopes to boost the luxury yachting sector’s view of Monaco as the world capital for yachting.