Jewel in the Perini Navi Crown

Key sponsor at the Perini Navi Cup 2013 is Italian Jeweller Vhernier who have created a very special piece to mark the occasion and will present a precious gift to all owners of Perini Navi super yachts present.
Vhernier will also create the three prizes that will be awarded on the third day of racing.
The jeweller had also organised a highlight on the 1st day of the regatta.  The eagerly awaited Cocktail competition.  

Each competing yacht hosts a panel of seasoned judges who trip if that’s the right word from boat to boat tasting the concoctions and giving them marks out of ten for presentation, taste originality and atmosphere.  

And to who does this arduous task of judging fall you may ask?  The answer is of course the journalists and that includes us!
As we have said writing about super yachts can be an arduous job but some one has to do it!
Carlo Traglio, President of Vhernier, has always had a passion for the sea and regattas have always been one of his main interests.
He told us, “When I was a child I would draw boats with little portholes to show that you could live aboard. Like little Noah’s Arks. Time has passed but I still dream of ever larger boats, boats that perform well in the water but that are comfortable. My dream has come true, everything that a man can ask for is already aboard a Perini yacht, a jewel of the sea. It’s useless to try to look for better.”