If You Have Got to Fly Home Do it in Style

Come on, be honest, no one ever wants to go back home after a wonderful trip and working or not we are no exception.  We enjoy what we do and perhaps that is why our work is in demand from savvy editors.

But return home we have to and as we planned our departure we were happy to learn that Oman Air are to fly us home in style carrying us in Business Class occupying 77.5-inch long, lie-flat  seat with a pitch of 82 inches, electrically-controlled backrest, leg rest and seat depth.


Starting off as a regional player, Oman Air as its country’s national carrier, has witnessed rapid growth since the time it was established as a business enterprise committed to the basic objective of providing safe, reliable and profitable air transport services for passengers.

Apart from being recognised as a strong business presence, the airline is respected for its professional attitude and recommended for its punctuality and service excellence.

It is that service excellence that makes them stand out ahead of other national carriers and it is a attitude that should be copied by carriers flying the flags of America and most of Europe.

Our flight was pleasant with good foods and wines, it landed safely on time and had we the urge to do so we could have spent the flight on the telephone or surfing the Internet.

Who says flying has to be sleazy?

So now we are back in the UK and many of our readers are beginning to wonder were next.

The answer is Sardinia for the Perini Navi Cup.  Watch out for our postings later this week.