Chartering Aqua Amazon on the Peruvian Amazon

Her exterior lines have never been the prettiest when it comes to super yachts and somehow we doubt she ever will be but when it comes to interiors and cruising grounds she is way out there at the top.
Now her interior has had a make over that puts her head and shoulders above anything else in her class.
Renovations over, Aqua Amazon is now back again and navigating thw aters of the Pacaya Samiria in style
The Peruvian designer Jordi Puig is the man behind the new designs called for by the yachts owner Francesco Galli Zugaro.  He runs the 40 metre vessel in much the same way as any super yacht charter.
The yacht is spacious and luxurious yet small enough to be extremely exclusive and yes she can be chartered out as the whole boat when not operating on a per cabin basis.

Based in Iquitos, Peru, South America, she can accommodate 24 guests and her crew of 14 is complemented by three skilled guides.

The voyage through the wild Amazon region begins in Iquitos, so remote that it can be reached only by air or water (just a one hour and 40 minute flight from Lima).
Each day, knowledgeable and experienced naturalists will take guests, using the yachts tenders, into remote estuaries in the Peruvian rain forest and the Pacaya Samiria Reserve.
The custom-built Aqua and her sistership Aria offer travellers nature-based adventures combined with the comfort and sophistication of 5-star, boutique hotel accommodations and gourmet cuisine.
In just five years, the company, has become a leader in luxury small ship cruises on one of the world’s greatest rivers.
Following their success operating luxury super yacht like cruises in the Peruvian Amazon Aqua Expeditions is launching its third vessel in 2014.
This new yacht will sail the Mekong River in Cambodia and Vietnam and like her Amazon based sisters can the whole boat can be chartered.