When to Call a Super Yacht Broker an Estate Agent

We have always found that the quickest way to upset a yacht broker who specialises in the sale of super yachts was to insinuate that his profession was much akin to that of an Estate Agent.
Somehow they seem to resent that sort of thing, so it is with surprise that we learned from Dubois that they are to collaborate with Estate Agents; Aylesford.
The statement from the broker states:
“Like us, Aylesford is a firm that is proudly independent and British. They too have built their business through old-fashioned values of integrity and excellence in everything they do. Clients of Aylesford are of one mind: to live life to the full in beautiful surroundings. A sentiment we are sure is shared by many yacht owners.”
“This summer, we are excited to be forging close ties with Aylesford. With a portfolio of exquisite properties for sale and rental the world over, we’re delighted to recommend this firm to our clients. Together, we have created a new brochure which could be described as the ultimate fantasy: it’s our hand-picked collection of the creme de la crème of residences and yachts, for rent or charter, in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.”