The George Hotel

With Superyachts cruising and gaining access to Solent berthing within Yarmouth Harbour on the Isle of Wight the South of England is looking attractive to Super Yachts.

Without doubt the finest way to arrive at the historic George Hotel in Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight is by sea.  If you cannot arrive in your own super yacht then at least give the Wightlink ferry service from Lymington to Yarmouth a try.

The hotel dominates the harbour entrance as it has done for centuries.  King Charles II stayed here in 1671.

Of the hotel itself our stay was impressive and enjoyable what is a good hotel could indeed become a great hotel if its assets were exploited to the full.  Rooms were pleasant but dull and were crying out to suffer from an interior designer of note.  Bathroom was adequate but should have been rearranged so as to be more ergonomic and user friendly.

Hotel service was good, food well cooked nicely presented but it took for ever to serve.  In the defence of the dinning room and kitchen I should point out I was one of a party of 12 on one long table.  Fortunately we had lots to talk about and the meal and good wine was thus much enjoyed

We stayed in room 19 with its own balcony overlooking the Solent.  The beds were extremely soft and comfortable for those who like it that way.  Double glazing to the windows would improve the ambience when you consider how close to the ferry dock the hotel actually is. Floodlighting the building at night gives a nice visual effect to those non visitors but it does mean you have to keep your curtains very tightly drawn.