Flying to the Maldives Islands With Oman Air

When flying long haul, it pays to research the route, minimise the the number of changes, and reduce the hours spent travelling to a minimum.

At the same time you need to seek out value for money while not compromising on the service you will receive while flying or the attention to your safety paid by the airline.

Flying from London to the holiday destination of the Maldives the carrier Oman Air seems to us to tick every box.

And so it is, that as we begin the planning for our trip researching the next in our super yacht destination articles for the magazine Invictus, we now have our tickets that see us leave London at 2100 on Monday 22nd July and changing just once in Muscat, the airlines central hub.

Flying with a single carrier, ensures baggage gets checked through at the port of embarkation and is not seen until the final destination is reached.  If, and everyone hopes it does not happen a delay is incurred at changeover the passenger who has the through ticket booked is the one who has least to worry about when it comes to being looked after.

Stay with us on this blog as we begin our next super yacht destination adventure and look forward to reading how we fair in the air.