Belting Along the Solent

There can be few better things than boating in Britain when the weather is good.  So it was a brilliant idea of Panerai, our hosts for this years Panerai Classic Racing Week, to take us from Cowes to our hotel in Yarmouth.
We journalists were loaded into two identical 8.5 metre RIBs each powered by a stonking great 250 hp Yamaha outboard and off we shot at 35 knots.
Needless to say when two boats are going to end up in the same place the race is deemed to have started at the breakwater and finish inside the harbour of the destination.
Fortunately for us we were the faster boat and we pulled into Yarmouth ahead of the others.  That means SuperYacht World buys the beer!
The Scorpion RIB is built in Lymington and would make a handy super yacht tender for those seeking speed and comfort without getting wet.