Un Ruffle Your Life at Raffles

Praslin Island is somewhat quieter, and less developed than Mahé, yet it boasts an exotic paradise of dense vegetation and lush coconut groves.
Almost 100 years ago, General Gordon (of Khartoum) visited this island and became convinced that he had found the original Garden of Eden.
It is here that Raffles, of Singapore fame, have a delightful sister resort cradled on the island.  Here white powdered sands, opal-hued oceans and lush green hills ring eighty-six architecturally interesting villas. It is an ideal place to rediscover the luxury of spontaneity.
Swim, sunbathe, snorkel, sail, kayak, walk or just do nothing at all. It is the perfect place to escape the everyday, to explore your senses, and to reconnect with yourself and those you love.

Little wonder that under the direction of TatyinaPolunina the resort has become a mecca for those who want that wonderful wedding on the beach.
It is after all the most perfect place to spend a honeymoon.