Travel Writers Bound for the Seychelles

June has been an active month for us as travel writers.  First it was Korea then Malaga and now we are off to the Seychelles.  What’s more if she is ready in time, we may be able to slot in a quick trip to Turkey to inspect a new and rather revolutionary new super yacht.

But it is the Seychelles that is uppermost in our minds as we prepare for a 10 day visit.

The assignment is for Invictus Magazine and is to cover the Seychelles as a super yacht destination.

A 10 day trip should be long enough to fit in visits to some of the finest resorts in the Seychelles one of which is so exclusive that it is situated on its own private island which is a conservation and nature reserve.

The luxury travel site Mr & Mrs Smith describe Fregate Island as being a mere four degrees south of the equator, this tiny lump of granite seemingly floating in the Indian Ocean is a sensitively developed, verdant paradise, the likes of which you imagine when the theme tune to Desert Island Discs drifts from your radio speakers

Traditional-style villas made from native mahogany and topped with thatched roofs provide your base, while talcum-soft sand will fast become your foot exfoliator of choice. The whole island is taken up by Frégate Island Private, so absolutely everything is taken care of – all you have to do is turn up and flop out.

It sounds very super yacht owner style to us!

Our trip is being organised by Vicky Farrow the Sales Director at TG Radek Masin International.  They are the official dealers of the Ferretti Group and Chris Craft at Seychelles.

Based at the Eden Island Marina on Mahe we are hoping to use their offices as a base from which to explore the islands and who knows may be get to ride some of the boats they have for charter and sale.