The Consortium: 3 Experts – 1 Solution.

Standing, left to right – Roger Horner, Group Managing Director, e3 Systems; Nico van Leeuwen, General Manager, Aage Hempel Netherlands; Erik Nieuwmeijer, Group Sales Director, e3 Systems; Pedro Kappen, Managing Director of Tijssen Elektro
An Agreement has been signed between 3 specialist companies to form The Consortium.
Aage Hempel and Tijssen Elektro from the Netherlands and e3 Systems from Spain each have their own pedigree and skill sets,.
These companies have joined together to offer a new build service for super yachts that uniquely lasts for the full life cycle of the yacht.
This begins with the yacht’s Concept, progresses through Construction and continues until the yacht finally stops Cruising.
The Consortium has an extensive geographic spread. Some companies have offices where yachts are built and others where yachts cruise. Thus the Consortium can provide their services at a lower cost due to their local presence through every stage of the yacht’s life.
The three professional companies of the Consortium can move fast, be flexible and provide turn-key solutions. The Consortium is happy to provide a single simple solution or a sophisticated complex package for yachts of any size.
Scope of Expertise
  • NavComms
  • AV
  • TV
  • Comms
  • IT
  • Networks
  • Data Management
  • ER Automation
  • PAGA

Electrical Services
  • Radio Surveys
  • VSAT Ku & Ka
  • Inmarsat/Iridium
  • 3G/4G
  • WiFi
  • GSM at Sea
  • Digital TV
  • IPTV
  • Weather
  • Chart Updates
  • Medical
  • Newspapers 

Warranty and Support
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Warranty – Training
  • Telephone and Email Support
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Support Contracts
  • Shore Based Maintenance
  • Remote Diagnostics

The companies include Tijssen Elektro with offices in Netherlands and UK
A turn-key supplier of products such as high and low voltage installations; navigation, communication, AV systems and control, monitoring and alarm system MPA to motor and sail yachts.
Aage Hempel Netherlands B.V. are based in the Netherlands with offices in Spain, Portugal, Panama, Malta and Morocco, They supply and service bridge navigation systems, communications for both yachts and commercial vessels. They are fully qualified radio surveyors with approvals for all the major Classification Societies and for EPIRBs, GMDSS, AIS and SSAS.
e3 Systems Group, S.L.n based in Spain with offices in France, Italy, Malta, Antigua, and the USA is a communications integrator, TV and IT company.  Their mission is to connect people globally offering services best suited to the needs of the vessel including bandwidth and internet management systems.