Oman Air – The Way to Fly

We are already fans of Oman Air having been their guests on a Press Trip to the Sultanate a couple of years ago.
While on that occasion we were not paying for our flights and were in the cosseted care of their PR firm we were really surprised how little different it was when it came to booking and paying for our next long haul assignment to the Maldive Islands for a feature we will be writing in Invictus magazine.
The Web site was easy to use and was in fact a joy when compared to some of the others. But the ease of using it was just one reason we were happy to carry on.  Here are the others:
  • The price had gone down since we first contemplated the flights a month or so ago
  • This Airline lets you choose your seats at time of booking without extra charge
  • There are no sneaky add on costs or extras
  • There was not even a surcharge for using your credit card

Remember that this is the airline that has WiFi Internet from Inmarsat and you can use your mobile phones to call home or send text messages.
How very refreshing it is to learn that there is still one airline who values the custom of the traveller.