MCA Oral Examinations Can be Taken in Fort Lauderdale This Autumn

Crew not in the UK but seeking to sit their Oral MCA examinations should mark their calendars and book your space early!
MCA Examiners will be in Fort Lauderdale to conduct oral exams for Deck and Engineering Candidates in early October.
The schedule for prep and exam is as follows:
  • Engineering Prep                            Sept 23-27
  • Engineering Oral Exams                Sept 30 – Oct 2
  • OOW/Master Deck Prep                Oct 7-11
  • OOW/Master Deck Oral Exams    Oct 12-16

As many know, it can take some time to get your Notice of Eligibility (NOE) issued so start the process early. Engineering requirements can be found in MGN 156 and Deck requirements can be found in MSN 1802
If you have questions use the links provided above as a reference.
Administration staff at ICT is able to provide Certified True Copies if needed, simply call or stop by the office to discuss at any time.
Those interested in completing orals at this time, should email info@yachtmaster.comand reserve your space.