MarNav Rewrites the Rules of Super Yacht Ownership and Charter With New Shared Ownership Concept

After 2 years of intensive, strategic research, a new shared ownership service aimed at revolutionising super yacht ownership and charter will be launched in the latter part of 2013.

Developed by super yacht captain and veteran yacht management professional the MarNavProgram tailors super yacht ownership to the current global economic climate and new ownership trends.

The concept is not based on Fractional Ownership but details of how and why this service differs from other shared ownership schemes has not yet been released. They will according to a spokesman for the company, “be revealed very soon when a major advertising campaign starts in the super yacht press.”

The objective is to make yachting more appealing for existing owners and to attract new owners by offering shared ownership of a fleet of five super yachts.
“It is an ideal concept for first-time owners who wish to enter the super yacht world without huge expenses. With a very conservative and controlled entry budget, they can enjoy this exceptionally thrilling super yacht fleet experience with multiple locations worldwide. This is just one of many advantages over single yacht ownership,” explains Managing Director WernerTrotz.
MarNav Superyacht owners share ownership of 5 super yachts, ranging from 35 to 60 meters, one of which is an Explorer. The fleet is strategically located in the best cruising areas around the world.
For the cost of just one yacht, MarNav owners have an entire fleet of yachts at their disposal! The fleet is fully commercially surveyed, insured and flag compliant.
Operating costs are equally shared among the owners and are further reduced through volume purchasing and specially negotiated fleet rates. More importantly, The fleet owners can wipe out exorbitant ocean crossing expenses forever. They simply pick a continent to cruise, board a plane and lift anchor in a matter of hours, instead of waiting weeks for their yacht to complete an ocean crossing at high expense.
Another major advantage is the Malta Tax Code, under which the super yachts operate on the high seas. All VAT paid in Malta is reimbursed quarterly by the Maltese VAT Department. A VAT exemption certificate accepted in other EU countries has been issued.
Working under contract, MarNav (Malta) Ltd. provides complete and transparent super yacht fleet management services for the owners. The directors and members of the team come from the super yacht industry, bringing with them more than 80 years of combined professional practice. Thanks to their many nautical miles of valuable experience a turnkey and hassle free maritime-compliant operation is guaranteed.