Is imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

MYBA the Yacht Brokers Association is getting a little hot under the collar over what is sees has theft of intellectual property
While some say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, MYBA has singled out an agreement published by the ISYBA (Italian Ship & Yacht Brokers Association), that appears to emulate the long-established MYBA Memorandum of Agreement and MYBA Charter Agreement forms, which it says, has been circulating amongst a small number of yacht businesses.
MYBA are at pains to stress most vehemently that it is not without good reason that the established MYBA Memorandum of Agreement and MYBA Charter Agreements have long become ‘industry standard’ documents; developed over years of practical use with ‘best practice’ procedures in mind, used widely by brokers and yachting professionals to bring about successful conclusions in the sale, purchase and charter of large yachts.
Subject to ongoing revision by lawyers and yachting professionals, MYBA copyrighted forms ensure the rights and legal interests of all parties are adhered to within a pre-determined time-frame ensuring protection and fairness for all.
Owners, purchasers, charterers and agents should insist upon the distinctive MYBA logo on official Memorandum of Agreement (Sale and Purchase) and Charter Agreement forms, followed by a visible check on the side of the forms to ensure latest revisions, including, MOA (Nov 2008) and Charter Agreement (2009).