Indonesia Boat Show Debuts in Jakarta

The Far East is getting a taste for yacht shows and the evidence is that as yachting grows in popularity so will the importance of regional shows.

First was Korea then Singapore and now the latest to debut is the Indonesia Yachts Show 2013 which was held in Jakarta in early June, designed to set the pace as one of the leading luxury yachting lifestyle exhibitions in the region, displayed a range of yachts and leisure crafts along with suppliers of quality services to the yachting world.

The country is seen as being tapped as an upcoming luxury yacht market and the Indonesia Yachts Show is expected to be among the leading luxury yachting lifestyle exhibitions in the region.

The government’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy gave its formal backing, announcing: “The government has prepared a Presidential Decree No. 79 about how they will facilitate the ships sailing into Indonesia, said Director General Of The Tourism Destination Development, Firmansyah Rahim, alluding to work underway to make it easier for yachts entering and cruising in Indonesia.”

Jakarta is home to many of the country’s burgeoning nouveau riche and with the luxury yacht and lifestyle event in their own backyard, the yachting event is of keen interest to area millionaires, a population segment which is rapidly growing according to the Credit Suisse Research Institute: “The number of Indonesian millionaires will almost double to 207,000 by 2017, from around 104,000 in 2012.”

From the ‘Indonesian Millionaires The Global Wealth Report’ by the Credit Suisse Research Institute, “Indonesia’s total wealth increased by US$420 billion to $1.8 trillion from January 2010 to June 2011 and was among the top 20 highest contributors of wealth growth.”

Among debuting exhibitors, the Asia Pacific SuperyachtsIndonesia team, led by Captain Jimmy Blee and Richard Lofthouse, were part of the new yachting extravaganza showcasing the latest yachts to the growing class of Indonesian millionaires with massive dispensable income.

Captain Jimmy believes that as the fledgling Superyacht industry grows in Indonesia and more and more Captains and Owners discover the amazing cruising potential of the region, Asia Pacific Superyachts will be in the forefront to provide honest and transparent services of the highest level to all visiting and domestic vessels

Next year’s dates for the Indonesia yacht and luxury lifestyle event in Jakarta has already been announced for 7-8 June.

With the high interest from Superyachts in cruising Indonesian waters and the growing amount of highly affluent local Indonesians and expats in Indonesia searching for yachts and providers, Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia is among those looking forward to being part of the second Indonesia Yachts Show in 2014.