First Impressions of Seychelles Favourable

Early impressions of any destination are important and frequently correct and as we begin our fact finding tour of this island nation our first impressions are very favourable.
We are here to write a 14 page destination feature for Invictus Magazine.  It will follow the style and format we have already used to write articles covering the Galapagos and Patagonia for the same periodical.
Comparisons with the Caribbean are inevitable and given that we know the islands of the eastern Caribbean Islands so well it is hard for us not to compare them with here.
The most obvious and perhaps most intriguing is the lack of the yachting when compared to the eastern Caribbean.  There yachting has reached an over crowded situation were it is difficult to find somewhere new and different to drop the hook.  Here there is a wide diversity of anchorages and hidden coves waiting to be discovered.
We awoke this morning to find the sun shining on the yachts in the Eden Island Marina complex were we are staying in rented 3 bedroom apartment.  The 51 metre metre Codecasa Aldabralies at the end of the dock.
Clearly there is room for more super yachts to join her.  The well established infra structure to receive them and make them welcome.
Sailing yachts can be rented through the Moorings and a good selection of Motor Yachts for charter is offered by Exclusive Yacht Services
Radek Masin are agents for yachts of the entire Ferreti Group range and are agents for Chris Craft.  With Eden Island offering a berth to everyone who buys a home here it is easy to see how in time they will become the leading suppliers in what is still now an embryonic yachting industry.