Effective and Efficient Air Bridge to the Seychelles

Flying to the Seychelles from Europe the USA or even Australia could not be easier or indeed more comfortable now that EtihadAirways have opened up the route through Abu Dhabi.
Having recently acquired a 40% interest in Air Seychellesthey have used their money and expertise to quickly turn that carrier around into a profitable and well run service carrier.
Connections between the two airlines are well thought out and transfer easy even if it could be made more simple with thought by airport authorities in Abu Dhabi.
The service and food on board both airlines was impeccable even if we were travelling Business Class and as such received extra special attention.  That began for us in London Heathrow were a business lounge adjacent to the departure gate is among one of the worlds finest.  An a’ la Carte menu served freshly prepared food freshly cooked to order and my Lamb Kebab with lemon and Greek salad dressing was divine.
The other standard airport lounge facilities were all present and topped all other offerings from competitive airlines with addition of a Six Sences Spa whose 15 minute sessions especially created with the traveller in mind were completely complimentary.
Yes flying to the Seychelles could not be easier or indeed more comfortable