TV Show Set To Expose Super Yacht Life

Brace your selves the life of a super yacht crew is about to hit the screen.
Bravo TV a US based TV channel is to screen what it calls a docu-style reality TV show entitled Below Deck.
Preshow publicity tells us it will be a weekly, one-hour series about ‘Yachties’ which they describe as young, single, hard-working people who crew super yachts.
The TV Station has likened the series to Upstairs/Downstairs but is, they say, set at sea.
The publicity goes on to say the programme will follow dynamic, sexy cast of Yachties as they live, love and work together onboard a multimillion dollar yacht, tending to the ever-changing needs of their wealthy, demanding charter guests.
The show premieres in the USA on July 1, with a special preview on Monday, June 10 at 11 p.m.
Shot in St. Maarten filming began during the first week of April and is still in progress on board a yacht docked at Port de Plaisance. The series is produced by 51 Minds with Mark Cronin and Courtland Cox serving as executive producers and James Bruce as co-executive producer.
The series will begin with the crew meeting one another for the first time as they all step aboard the 50 metre yacht Honor that will serve as their home and their workplace for the next several weeks.
Once onboard, viewers get to witness the glamorous world of the Yacht through their eyes; from the high stress and long hours when guests are onboard, to the days off in port.
The season is set to mirror the typical seasonal journey of a luxury charter yacht. In the first episode, the boat will pick up its first group of wealthy charter guests at its homeport on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. The episode will follow the incredible, dramatic events of this multi-day charter as the yacht island hops and the crew strives to provide the five-star service their eccentric, and often difficult, guests demand.

When the boat pulls into port at the end of the charter, our crew will say goodbye to their guests before enthusiastically enjoying their precious, and too short, downtime.
Pre show publicity suggests “These are the moments yachties live for – the drinks flow, the uniforms are swapped out for bathing suits, and the real fun begins. The party frequently carries over into the local bars and clubs in port – and while our crew may blow it out one night, they have to be buttoned up and ready to work the next day since there’s always another group of charter guests hours away from stepping aboard.”
Each subsequent episode will begin at a new and different port of call with a new set of charter guests moving onto the boat. They may have crazy demands that force our crew to scramble to locate impossible-to-find items in exotic locales, but as the crew know all to well, the one word they can never say to their guests is ‘no’.
In the course of the season, the types of charter guests viewers would be likely to see would include everyone from celebrities, to foreign billionaires and their mistresses, to large families and their unruly kids, to snotty heiresses and their party posse.