Smartphone invention eliminates ‘search’ from search and rescue.

A revolutionary device capable of transforming a smartphone into a lifesaving satellite phone has been designed with super yacht crews in mind. Despite the incidence of man over board and sinking are rare among large yachts, there exists an inherent risk that something could go terribly wrong. Even the best laid plans can go awry, and when they do, having a satellite phone may mean the difference between life and death.
The transformation from mobile phone to a 406 beacon is seamless and simply involves placing one’s Android smartphone inside a durable, rugged case, and installing the SATcase app.
The resulting device runs on a familiar operating system that is now loaded with cutting-edge technology able to assist those in extreme emergency conditions.
Compact enough to fit into a coat pocket or purse it can be used to maintain cellular communications no matter where they are on earth, and unlike traditional satellite phones, there’s no need to carry multiple units because our device serves multiple purposes
Having a (registered) 406 beacon tremendously increases the chances of survival if washed over board. It accelerates the rescue process so that the authorities do not have to search for long for you, and can instead concentrate on retrieving you. A 406 beacon is a wise investment.” In fact, the COSPAS-SARSAT system, which is used to locate a 406 beacon, has been responsible for saving over 31,000 lives worldwide.
Besides containing the life-saving 406 beacon, the device is also capable of reaching frequencies that can be utilised by SAR teams searching by land, air and water. Much of the technology built into the unit is something that was previously available only to the military and professionals such as commercial pilots and ship’s captains, but now outdoor enthusiasts, human-aid workers, private pilots and military operatives alike can take advantage of this simple yet intuitive system.
In 2012, U.K. Search and Rescue (SAR) carried out approximately 1,761 callout missions. During an emergency, time is a luxury most can ill-afford. The chances for survival decrease dramatically as time continues to pass, but for those who are lucky enough to be carrying a SATcase, the device contains a 406 beacon that can help SAR teams locate people quickly and accurately.