Port Tarraco Prepares for EU Intervention on Shore Power Systems

The indications are that in the near future there will be a European directive that will require yachts and merchant vessels in port use onshore power rather than their own generators.
Preparing for the forthcoming legal requirements and staying ahead of the trend, which will see more super yachts using 6.6kV power systems is Port Tarraco, one of the Mediterranean’s only marinas with nine metre draught capability.
The marina is upgrading its onshore power system to 6.6 kV. This latest standard in onshore power provides 6,600 volts, which is the system used by new larger yachts.
Backed up with the existing 1250 amps at 400 volts onshore power, this makes the port one of the only Mediterranean ports able to offer commercial and merchant marine standard power systems, which are becoming more commonly used on super yachts.
The availability of stable, high power systems from the shore means that yachts in the marina can operate using single cables connected to shore power rather than running on-board generators while in port.
Located at the heart of the residential area of Tarragona on the Catalonian coast of Spain, this luxury marina can accommodate up to 64 yachts between 30 and 160 meters.  Its significance as a safe and deep water port is well documented. The port dates back to 2,000 BC when it was a strategic port in the Roman Empire, and the city of Tarragona is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Its Roman ruins and historic buildings make it a popular city for owners, captains and crews alike. Its proximity to Barcelona International Airport (40 minutes) and Reus International Airport (seven minutes away) which can land private jets and aircraft as large as 747s, makes the marina the ideal location for transient or long stay yachts.
Thanks to its long entry channel, the port with its 150,000m2 of surface water area, is safe from water surges or swell, and its perimeter glass wall, combined with security cameras and on site security guards ensures it is a safe and secure area at all times.
For the captains and crew, Port Tarraco facilities including black and grey water discharge directly from each berth, fresh water connections, with storage areas and spaces for containers.
There are offices available for crew use, with facilities ashore for captains and crew, which is especially welcomed as many yachts berthed for long periods with the crews using the marina as a home base for many months.