Hurricanes and Piracy, You Need Expert Advice on Both

If Adrian McCourt is the man you go to find out how Hurricanes might affect the super yacht then Michael Frodl is the man to trust when it comes to no nonsense advice on Piracy.
Michael G Frodl

Just because it is not in the news everyday does not mean it has gone away.  It exists as a threat to shipping and the free movement of super yachts around the world.  So it pays to know what’s going on if the super yacht you own command or manage is making voyages off the beaten track.
Michael G. Frodl, the Washington, DC-based attorney who founded the risks consultancy, C-LEVEL Maritime Risks knows what he is talking about.  

He has served as an emerging risks adviser to members of the national security community in Washington, as well as to underwriters in Bermuda and then London for many years now.
Since the 1990s, Michael has advised on numerous emerging risks: first environmental energy, and climate change risks, then cyber, anarchist / anti-globalist, and terrorist risks (including WMD terrorism), and most now modern maritime piracy, terrorism and supply chain risks.
He helped acquire an early understanding of the nature of modern piracy as was being conducted off the Horn of Africa by Somalis, and where it was likely headed, and, through his liaison work / risk diplomacy, he helped each learn what the other was able and willing to do so as to respond to the threat.
Given the work Michael did to help first Washington, Bermuda and London, and now Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, not just understand Somali piracy but also forecast its developments, in early 2012 his clients asked him to do the same with Nigerian piracy and SE Asian piracy. They also asked him to do the same with threats to strategic sea lanes through choke points such as the Straits of Hormuz and of Malacca and the Suez Canal, as well as even do the same with potential threats to navigation and commerce in the South China and  East China Seas.
His Website describes how his advisory work on modern maritime piracy has become the finest of self-informing, self-course-correcting and therefore self-improving networks, that incorporate top decision-makers in the public and private sectors and across the full spectrum of all the maritime stakeholders across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.