Heesen’s Revolutionary 65m Fast Displacement (Fdhf) Completes Sea Trials

Galactica Star, the 65m FDHF (Fast Displacement Hull Form) all-aluminium motor yacht, has successfully completed her sea trials in the North Sea and exceeded the top speed demanded by contract by almost two knots!
Heesen Yachts is the first shipyard in the world to build a yacht featuring this innovative hull configuration using aluminium for both hull and superstructure. 

The Fast Displacement hull configuration is the perfect platform for creating a new luxury yacht generation where increased performance and reduced environmental impact begin with the hull design.
The vessel left the Heesen Yachts facility in Oss and sailed some 150 kilometres, at an average speed of 10 knots, on the Maas river to Merwehaven (Rotterdam harbour.)
On the way she had to pass under nine bridges, some of them with a very small clearance such as Keizersveerbrug where the gap between the yacht and the bridge was just 40 centimetres.
The sea trials took place in typical North Sea conditions with an air temperature of 11 degrees Celsius, wind force oscillating from 4 to 5 Beaufort and waves one metre twenty centimetres high.

Galactica Star exceeded the contractual speed (27 knots) and reached the remarkable official average top speed (at half load) of 28.8 knots.
Her revolutionary Fast Displacement Hull Form, jointly developed with Van Oossanen Naval Architects, in combination with two MTU 20V4000M93L engines (each developing 4.300kW at 2.100 rpm) and Heesen’s expertise in weight reduction made this stunning result possible.
The vessel performed well in a seaway, moving through the water very smoothly, and was found to be extremely manoeuvrable. At high speeds, in comparison with traditional semi-displacement hull forms, Galactica Star, with her revolutionary FDHF has a much smaller stern wave, demonstrating that her motion through the water creates low resistance, in accordance with her designers’ predictions.