Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Make Super Yacht Crews Feel at Home

Imtech Marine developed a low cost, innovative total Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) solution specifically suitable for those sailing the high seas.

The system enhances the crew comfort on board and helps retain valuable crew.

IPTV offers interactive multimedia services such as television, video, audio, text and graphics delivered over IP-based networks.

The system reduces costs by eliminating the cable TV infrastructure and works via a plug-and-play IP network. It offers hassle free quality TV, no interruptions and a package of regularly refreshed high class content like:

  • Blockbuster movies
  • Top TV series
  • Music
  • News
  • Sports

Additionally it offers another functionality: a tailored infotainment system, to communicate about the company, to describe safety procedures and to educate the crew about relevant topics. The system can be integrated with Imtech Marine’s Global VSAT solution, which facilitates remote access, trouble-shooting and maintenance.

Future upgrades & remote maintenance
The crew can choose a channel in their cabin and select TV in different languages or subtitles. They choose movies from a catalogue  and have full control, in the same way as they would at home. All the new movies are added to the server onboard so downloading from the Internet is not necessary, saving huge amounts of bandwidth. For the owner, there is a monthly fee, which is more simple than paying per movie. The IPTV solution provides all of the hardware and software needed during the initial installation. Future upgrades are easy and include the possibility for remote maintenance and long-term content feed.