Information Regarding Ships Flying Flag of Cyprus

Following the recent events taking place in Cyprus, the The Official Guide to Ship Registries  has reached out to the nation’s Department of Merchant Shipping and Chamber of Shipping for comment on any possible industry impact.

Both institutions have assured us they remain open for business in shared statements which we have in turn posted on their website

The Government, the Central Bank of Cyprus, the Cypriot maritime cluster, the organized groups representing shipowners, managers and seafarers and those providing services to the shipping industry are already in close liaison. They will continue to work together in a proactive, constructive and non-discriminatory manner.

The aim is to ensure that the situation eventually causes the least and, hopefully, no problems to seafarers and/or to Cyprus ships, as well as, to seafarers and/or to ships of flying the flag of other States which enjoy the management or ancillary services provided by Cyprus.

The Department of Merchant Shipping has stated it deeply regrets the fact that the situation gave rise to concerns to the registered owners and registered bareboat charterers of Cyprus ships and to seafarers serving on them and stands ready to provide any assistance which may be needed.

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber said, During this period, we have been in continuous contact with the Cyprus Government, the Central Bank of Cyprus and other professional organisations in Cyprus and has offered its expert knowledge in the huge joint effort made, so that on-going discussions on the implementation of the Eurogroup Agreement to be completed the soonest possible, for the benefit of the overall Cyprus Economy, which also includes the Shipping Industry. 

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