Fame and Fortune Beckons for 1980’s Chris Craft Owner

Do you own a Chris Craft built in 1980?  Or maybe you know some one who does.  If so fame and fortune is on its way!

The Television Show Gangsters: America’s Most Evil  is seeking 45-60 Foot Circa 1980s Chris-Craft boat to film in Miami this Sunday
WHO: Asylum Entertainment, Producer of Documentary Series Gangsters: America’s Most Evil
WHAT:  Seeking a 45-60 Foot, 1980s Model Year Chris-Craft
WHEN:  1-2 Days of Filming – This Sunday, April 28, 2013
WHERE: Miami, Florida – Possible locations: Sandbar, Downtown, Miami Beach, Star Island, and Coral Gables Mansions.
CONTACT:Charlie Kreisa with Asylum Entertainment (646) 318-1216 or ckreisa@asylument.com
DETAILS: Chris-Craft was contacted by the production company, Asylum entertainment, that is producing a television show titled: Gangsters: America’s Most Evil.  The show is a documentary series that details the rise and fall of some of the most notorious criminals brought to justice by the U.S. government.  They are filming an episode in Miami, this Sunday and need to hire a 1980’s model year boat that is 45-60 feet long for 1-2 days of shooting. They will pay the owner/driver
$3,000 for the project, exact details to be negotiated.
If you know someone that owns or has access to a 1980s model year boat this is 45-60 feet long and wants to have fun driving their boat in a TV show and make some money, please have them call Asylum’s local contact, Charlie Kreisa who is heading this project in Miami.  His number is: +1 (646) 318-1216 and his email address is: ckreisa@asylument.com