Crocs Shoes Provide the Answer

The shoe brand Crocs first appeared on the scene at the Fort Lauderdale Boat show during 2002.  I remember it well. It was an ugly clog shaped shoe in green and was made of cheap plastic.
Having wrongly predicted back then that the concept would never catch on, I was amused when offered a pair of Crocs at the same shoe a decade later.
Oh how they have changed, gone is the ugly green shoe and in its place a whole range of stylish shoes that are so very practical.
Seeking to test shoes that would be suitable aboard super yachts I was given two pairs and now must report that I am smitten by the comfort and would dare you to try and take them away from me.
The first pair of choice is the Beach Line Boat Show.  Light weight it is made to get wet and no matter how many times it does so it always looks smart.  This is the perfect deck shoe for deckies who need to work the swim platform, run the water toys and be ready at a moments notice to jump into a tender and speed away shore sides.
Worn without socks it does not matter if it gets wet because the shoe is fitted with their own version of lightening holes which ensure they never fill with water
For Captains who say that crew cannot wear a shoe ashore and on board then this one is a good compromise because if it is worn ashore and gets a little gritty it can be hosed off back on board.
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