Report Into Fatal Accident On Board Yacht

Glebe Island Bridge  Picture: Phil Rogers

Following a recent accident investigation on board a large yacht, the CISR has published a safety flyer relating to bridge transits

The report states that a large motor yacht of 453gt, and 38.8m in length, was leaving the Sydney Superyacht Marina for a “lunchtime cruise” of Sydney Harbour to be followed by a short voyage to Broken Bay, the next Bay north of Sydney.

On arrival in Broken Bay, the yacht intended to cruise around and anchor for two days. Three passengers were on board.

Shortly after leaving the marina it was necessary for the yacht to transit a disused swing bridge at Glebe Island. When passing through the bridge, the yacht passed close to the eastern buttress of the bridge requiring the crew to manually “fend off” by placing fenders between the yacht’s hull and the eastern bridge buttress.

While placing one of the yacht’s fenders, a crew member was apparently struck by a fixed fender attached to the bridge structure and pulled over the side of the yacht.

The crew member was caught between the bridge structure and the hull of the yacht as it passed through the bridge and sustained severe crushing injuries.

Once clear of the yacht’s hull, the crew member fell to the water. The crewmember was retrieved from the water by a small boat that was in the vicinity of the Glebe Island Bridge at the time of the accident.

When the crew member was retrieved there were no apparent signs of life and the crew member was pronounced dead shortly after.

To view the full report click here.