My New Favourite Airline

OK I admit it, I am smitten with the new airbus 380 and,when operated by Emirates, it’s my new favourite way to move around the skies.

Flying to the Dubai International Boat show, I boarded this big beastie in London’s Heathrow Airport.

My mission is to report about the show and the Middle East in particular for some of the world’s better yachting magazines and national newspapers.

Even though I am flying in third class ( I don’t think they call it that!) I am impressed.  Adequate legroom, edible food, free drinks, good movies, comfortable enough seats and even Internet access while you fly.  What more do you want?

OK, OK flat bed seats and a never empty champagne bucket would be nice but hang on there, I am a travel journalist who writes about super yachts and I have learned to accept that the upgrade once given to us all as a professional courtesy has well and truly bitten the dust.

So there you go, despite them not giving me a free ticket nor indeed upgrading me, I would still like to give my vote to Emirates and the staff that serve on board their airplanes.

I think they are worth it!