Dubai International Boat Show welcomes children from local Thalassemia Centre

As the Dubai International Boat Show closes today so it welcomed 10 children from Dubai Thalassemia Centre for a special tour with Emirates Waves and Ultimate Charter boats.
The children, aged four to 17 years old, and their guardians were hosted for the unique experience on board the two boats in collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority.
Director of the Centre, Essam Dohair said that these kinds of community-driven initiatives help uplift sufferers and enrich their lives in a way medicine could not.
“It is very encouraging to see this kind of moral support from the community, because it’s important for kids to know that society is not ignoring them. These kids have to take medication daily for the rest of their lives, and when they take part in these kinds of fun, society-driven initiatives it reminds them that there is more to life than their illnesses, and they see hope,” he said.
The children got to explore on board Moon, the 33 metre, charter yacht exhibited by Ultimate Charter’s
The company’s Managing Director Tarik Siam said: “We are very happy to have the children on board. It is a good opportunity to give them an idea of what the yachting experience feels like, and in future we’d like to give them a short cruise out on the water.”
The children were treated to a cruise and lunch on board the Iran Zamin, a custom designed floating restaurant designed by local manufacturer, Emirates Waves.
The children and their guardians stayed on at the exhibition to experience the live displays, entertainment and take in the impressive super yachts and boats on show.

We flew to Dubai with Emirates Airlines aboard their Airbus A380 and stayed at the Media One Hotel