Drones Are Most Effective for Super Yacht Photography

Peter Seyfferth of The Yacht Photo.com the French Riviera based provider of professional photos for the super yacht industry, is to team up Air Scene, a leading Drone Film Productions Company based in Hamburg and Viareggio. 

Together they will offer clients complete bespoken photo and video shootings for yacht portraits and cooperate presentations.
Air Scene operates high-end drones equipped with professional Full HD-cameras which can even fly under difficult weather conditions and which are fast enough to chase a yacht cruising at maximum speed.

The client profits from a significant cost advantage in comparison to standard aerial helicopter footage. 

The drones can also operate in places because of obvious access limitations  and can include yacht interiors and shipyard factory build halls.
Their multi-lingual staff speak English, German, Italian, French, Russian and guarantee confidentiality, maximum flexibility, fast turnaround and delivery at competitive prices worldwide.