The 2013 Superyacht Challenge Antigua

Premiering the Superyacht Caribbean race season for the third year in succession, the 2013 Superyacht Challenge Antigua (SYCA) has again provided competitors with some fabulous race conditions and phenomenal hospitality ashore.

As a unique non-sponsored event, the ambience of the three days reflects the organisers’ objective to keep the regatta low key, stylish and fun, and this year’s diverse list of nine entries guaranteed to meet all criteria ranging from three stunning 44 to 56 metre luxury ocean-going cruising yachts entered to two of the sleekest, fastest hi-tech race machines on the international race circuit, with four of the best known high-speed racer-cruisers mid-field.
The beautiful grounds of the historic Admiral’s Inn in English Harbour provided the perfect venue for Thursday evening’s elegant welcome cocktail party.

Hosted by Paul Deeth, co-founder of the event and owner of Admiral’s Inn, the spectacular party guest list included all the Superyacht entrants’ owners, their friends and guests as well as highly professional global race crew, many being key players in the global Superyacht industry.
The Prosecco flowed and the hors d’oeuvres circulated whilst a fifteen-man steel band evoked a true Caribbean feel to the evening and soon the party was buzzing with just a short break to allow Tommy Patterson, ‘infamous’ Antiguan commentator and speechmaker, centre-stage to officially open the event, welcoming all and offering thanks to the National Parks and to the organisers, Deeth and Stan Pearson, preceding a brief run-down of the after-race party schedule.
Antigua, well known for her cooling winter Trade Winds, again blessed this year’s event with consistent east north easterlies ranging from 10 to 25 knots, with the odd squall forecasted threatening to ‘up the action’ aboard from time to time.
Yachts taking part included
  • Adela
  • Timoneer
  • Marama
  • Panthalassa
  • Leopard 3
  • Visione
  • P2
  • Sojana
  • Unfurled