Captains Sundowner Event Promotes Indonesia

Discover Indonesia is a super yachting event hosted each year by Asia Pacific Superyachts.  

The idea behind it is, that they invite captains considering cruising Indonesia in the near future

This year 20 captains were in attendance a clear Indication of how well the area is developing a cruising destination
As well as those planning to visit Indonesia, the APS Indonesia agent company also invited a few Captains who had already done so extensively with them.
It gave everyone the ability to network and share experiences, which is always a great way for information and knowledge about a destination to get passed on.
A video presentation was screening throughout the evening and plenty of materials and resources where made available for all attending.
Richard Lofthouse, the GM of Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia was on hand to chat informally with Captains to make their acquaintance ahead of their upcoming trips. He told us,  “One ten minute chat over a beer saves the captain and me about 20 groundwork emails, making us both happy!”
There are compelling reasons for the growing interest in sea journeys to and around Indonesia, home of the largest archipelago in the world with more than 17,500 beautiful islands to visit. Cruising between the Indonesian islands one can discover an amazing diversity in the culture and the personality of each and every island.
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