Where is the Official Report on the Sinking of Yogi?

February 16th2013 marks the first anniversary of the sinking of the French flagged, 62 metre super yacht Yogi.
She sank in 600 or so metres of water some 19 south east of the Greek island of Skyros while sailing on passage from a shipyard in Turkey to France.
Air sea rescue helicopters deployed by the Greek Coastguard safely rescued the yacht’s skeleton crew of eight, all of French nationality.

There were no passengers on board.
Shortly after the rescue, the shipyard, which had handed the yacht over to owners in the previous year, and who had just completed a routine maintenance programme on the vessel, issued an official statement.
That statement used the words: “It is unclear at the moment as to what caused the vessel to sink and that will not be known until representatives from the shipyard have been able to speak to the Captain and crew, which should take place over the next two days.”
It is now known, that while a meeting did take place some three weeks later, the findings have not been publicly released.
In the autumn of 2012, the French Authorities suggested that the report into the sinking would not be available until the end of October.
Subsequently, they amended that statement by announcing that the report would be available in November.
No report was ever publicly issued during 2012 and it is now widely believed that a report detailing their investigations will not be released until February 2013, one year after the catastrophic sinking.