Super Yacht in the Sky

They turned heads when they pioneered retail exposure for superyachts at Harrods last year now, City of London based broker and management specialist Watkins Superyachts are about to do it againI
They will do so by presenting the imaginatively restored Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster, dubbed the ‘Superyacht In The Sky’ as a dramatic beginning to a year of change.
The Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster is widely regarded as the finest piston-engined airliner of all time and a romantic icon from an age when aeronautics was still a craft.
Watkins, believes that for the discerning traveller, the experience is as important as the destination which complements the idea of luxury sailing. The Cloudmaster is the world’s first Superyacht in the Sky.
Mechanically immaculate, Cloudmaster will be faithful in exterior appearance to her early years as a cornerstone of global aviation. The interior, from the award winning superyacht design studio of Bannenberg & Rowell, will eschew the language of the business jet and instead explore themes and influences from her long and distinguished past, creating an exceptional flying experience
With fully pressurised and air-conditioned accommodation for up to 30 guests, the main cabin provides distinct social areas, while large main deck doors offer great flexibility of use.
On longer flights the supremely comfortable appointments, comprehensive entertainment system and complete connectivity will enable guests to enjoy an utterly unique travel experience.
Considerably larger than most corporate jets, the aircraft makes an unrivalled statement in the air and on the ground. Sculpted on elegant wings, the magnificent highly polished engine cowlings hint at immense installed power and understated performance, yet the Cloudmaster has remarkable fuel economy, giving transatlantic range.
On working trips there is the assurance of modern all-weather navigation systems. On more leisurely voyages guests will marvel at the superb views afforded by the large windows and appreciate the uncommon style of a gentler age of air travel.
Ownership of the aircraft is available on an eighth-share basis (or multiples thereof) and there will be central management of maintenance, training and aircraft positioning. Each share is priced at just under GBP 2.7m
Length: 46.00m/150.92ft
Builder: Douglas Aircraft Company / Cloudmaster Limited
Year Built: 1958
Designer: Bannenberg & Rowell
Hull: 32.18
Speed: 260 knots
Guests: 30
Crew: 5
Delivery: 30 months from commencement