Greek Marina Part Sold to Turkish Interests

Turkey’s Doğuş partners with Greece’s Lamda to operate the mega yacht facility in Athens, a popular destination among many Mediterranean travelers.

Turkey’s Doğuş Holding, a company that runs marinas on Turkey’s Aegean coast, has acquired a 50 percent stake in Flisvos Marina, one of the largest in Athens.
Lamda Development of Greece’s Latsis Group, owner of the marina for mega yachts, and Doğuş’s D-Marine are set to found a new company to run the business, Greekmedia reported recently.
Doğuş will contribute to the new company with a capital raise, the media said, but no exact figure was mentioned about the trade. Doğuş Chief Executive Hüsnü Akhan and Lamda Chief Executive Odysseas Athanasiou said the new business would contribute to mutual business and trade ties between the two countries.
Doğuş is expanding its business field with new investments, which have recently focused on dining also.
The Greekinvestment is D-Marine’s second business abroad after Mandalina Marina, the Croatian facility by the Dalmatian coast.
Currently Lamda owns the rights for the facility, which has a capacity of 300 large yachts.