Fastmount Launch Low Profile Clip System at METS

Fastmount the New Zealand based manufacturer of panel clipping systems are to launch a new low profile clip system at METS.
Ideal for thin skinned foam cored composite panels the LP-DF8 & LP-M8 self tapping clip set is part of the company’s Low Profile Clip range.
The unique thread design gives holding in foam and balsa cored composites. Each clip set has a 5kg pull out load and also allows for flexing and expansion of panel.
Panels can easily be removed and refitted in any sequence time after time.
The LP-DF & LP-M8 are part of the Low Profile Clip Range and the clips are interchangeable within this range. To ensure quality installation, centre points and tools are supplied as part of the system.
Overall, the low profile range requires less depth compared to the standard clip range.
Fastmount removable panel mounting systems delivers a flawless finish with perfect alignment.  It achieves perfect alignment and allows panels to be quickly and easily removed and refitted to exactly the same location every time.