Disclaimer Clause That Raises a Smile

The disclaimer clauses seen at the bottom of e mails sent by the likes of solicitors, lawyers and accountants seldom make interesting reading and seldom raise a smile.  Occasionally they appear at the bottom of a press realease received her at the Super Yachts News Desk and generally have the same effect.  However very occasional one does raise a smile and I cannot resist but to share this one with you issued by the press office of Akzo Nobel the owners of the paint company Awlgrip.  It reads:

Note for Editor:
Safe Harbour Statement
This press release may contain statements which address such key issues as AkzoNobel’s growth strategy, future financial results, market positions, product development, products in the pipeline, and product approvals. Such statements should be carefully considered, and it should be understood that many factors could cause forecasted and actual results to differ from these statements. These factors include, but are not limited to, price fluctuations, currency fluctuations, developments in raw material and personnel costs, pensions, physical and environmental risks, legal issues, and legislative, fiscal, and other regulatory measures. Stated competitive positions are based on management estimates supported by information provided by specialized external agencies. For a more comprehensive discussion of the risk factors affecting our business please see our latest Annual Report, a copy of which can be found on the company’s corporate website www.akzonobel.com.