Jon Ely Head of UKSA to Step Down

After 22 years including 6 years as Chief Executive Jon Ely is to step down from heading up UKSA in the Isle of Wight.
He has decided that it is time to use his passion and skills in a different way.  Choosing to have a wider impact on society and young people, he believes the best way to do that is to work with different organisations to help them achieve their goals.
He said, “Many organisations are finding it increasingly hard to achieve their society aims because of changes in funding and developments in the wider charitable environment.”
 Charities are being required to become more  “business savvy” seeking to deliver and prove “more for less”.  This journey is not easy to achieve.
Over 22 years at UKSA Ely has helped develop a special business approach to charity, which achieves exceptional outcomes for society and financial stability, at the same time UKSA remains at the heart of the community.
He says, “I will be providing consultancy, advice and support within the youth, education and maritime arenas to charities, companies, public sector and individuals.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at UKSA, have made great friends and learned a great deal.  Most importantly between us all we have made a massive positive difference to the lives of many young people.”
UKSA directors Ben Willows, Daryl Pride, Erica Howard and Simon Davies will take over the running of the charity.