18 Significant Super Yachts Will Attend ‘Open House’ in Nice.

Open House events are clearly catching on in the south of France.  So much so that EuropeanCommittee for Professional Yachting (ECPY) and MYBA The Worldwide YachtingAssociation are to hold another one.
Open House meetings in harbours where yachts for sale are gathered together and exhibited on specific days have already been tried twice this year and declared by those exhibiting as being worthwhile exercises.
Now 18 yachts of lengths between 19m and 58m length and 10 service companies are set to attend the 3rd such event, which will be held in Nice, South of France on 9th October 2012.
Both the Cannes and Monaco shows held recently, demonstrated significant market momentum.  On Open House days brokers – with or without their clients – can inspect the yachts for sale, meet with representatives of the service companies exhibiting and network professionally in a relaxed and beautiful setting, with more time and far less pressure than a full-on yacht show.
Representing yachting businesses in the South of France, the 9th October ‘Open House’ event will, for the first time, have a dedicated lounge area with bar open during the entire event from 11 am to 6 pm. At 11.30am Thierry Voisin, ECPY President, will hold a conference on the new Customs Rules and Regulations in France.
These well attended one-day events are open to all and interest from ‘late entry’ yachts still wishing to attend should be directed towards ECPY contacts.