Yike Bike is Set to Become Superyacht Must Have Toy

Check out the Yike Bike at the up coming Monaco Yacht Show
The all new folding electric bike is all set to become the latest must have toy aboard superyachts and Josh Richardson’s SuperyachtTenders and Toys will be promoting the bike at the show.
At about half of the size and weight of other electric bicycles and many regular bicycles, the YikeBike Fusion is the perfect vehicle for use ashore by guests or crew.
It travels at a maximum speed of 14 miles per hour, with a distance of up to six miles between charges, or up to eighteen miles with the optional extended batteries.
The natty looking bit of kit can be folded or unfolded in about 15 seconds, and is light and portable enough to be carried across the passerelle by just one crew member
Fun yet safe to ride, its side and rear-mounted LED lights are always on for greater visibility especially at night.  Its 20-inch front wheel can easily handle bumps, potholes and similar road obstructions, and its anti-skid, regenerative brakes provide faster and safer stopping capabilities.
The innovative frame design and slower top speed make it safer to ride than an ordinary bike, and its ergonomic, upward seating and handlebar configuration makes it more comfortable to ride as well.
For the environmentally conscious, the bicycle emits zero carbon emissions, and its use actually helps reduce the carbon emissions normally generated by other motor vehicles for shorter trips.  It fully recharges in about 50 min.

  • 11.5kg weight 
  • Electric brushless DC motor 
  • 23kp/h top speed 
  • Range of 10km 
  • 50 minute charge time 
  • Anti-skid safe brakes 
  • 15 second fold down and set up time 
  • High visibility LED lights 
  • 12 month warranty