Noah’s Ark Could Have Been the First Ever Superyacht

The Ark, built way back when the world was under threat of drowning, could well have been the first recorded example of a superyacht and Noah her Captain.

However the ark we are writing about here, is the sprawling concrete complex that bills it self as a five star luxury resort and casino.

Noahs Ark in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is where we are staying while reviewing the Karpaz Gate Marina on the north coast of the island

It has been built on what was naturally beautiful landscape right on the coast and has good beach access into the warm Mediterrean waters.

It is however a monster of a hotel having over 1400 beds spread over the main block and six outlying low rise blocks a healthy trek from the bars and restaurants.

The all inclusive tariff is somewhat misleading in that there are so many extra charges or places where you have to pay for food and drink that it all becomes very confusing.

In the breakfast buffet they charge extra for fresh squeezed orange juice which, given how many citrus trees there in the TRNC, seemed somewhat of an opportunist joke.

Service fell short of the mark and trays of food left outside rooms were uncollected by hotel staff.  One tray we monitored, complete with unwanted food, went over 24 hours before it was removed.

Food was in abundance and looked to be of high quality.  Sadly the motorway cafeteria method of serving it piled high into chaffing dishes meant that however good the initial product it was quite horrible by the time it got to the plate.

That said the hotel was obviously very popular with large family groups who coming from Turkey seemed to hugely enjoy the hotel, its location and amenities

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