Helidecks Training Solutions become the first training provider awarded UK MCA accreditation

In the past, the only way for superyacht crews to gain commercial helideck training certification was for Captains to send his entire helideck team (consisting of usually 8 people) to a commercial training provider at an approved centre ashore.

All that has changed now that Helidecks Training Solutionshave become the first company in the world to gain MCA accreditation for their industry leading helideck team training.  This means that commercial helideck team training for both HLO (Helideck Landing Officer) and HDA’s (Helideck Assistants) can be conducted aboard an owner’s yacht.
In June 2012, a MCA assessor attended the already successful ‘Helidecks’ Large Yacht Helideck training course aboard a yacht in the Dover straights which was the final part of the process to The course consists of a number of classroom lessons dedicated to achieving a broad understanding of maritime helicopter operations and safety, followed by practical training using the vessel’s own bespoke procedures and equipment.
The course culminates in a live flying exercise that consolidates all elements of the training.
So far 7 Yachts have undertaken commercial helideck team training since the accreditation was awarded in June 2012.  With several helideck training teams available to deploy anywhere around the globe, often at short notice, obtaining a course to suit your schedule should be easily achievable.