Boat Ox, Giving Superyachts a Face Lift

Lurking on a tiny and slightly disorganised stand tucked away in the corner of the Southampton boat show is a booth operated by the Wild Group.
The company owned by Greg Hoar has become specialist in vinyl hull finishing and surface protection on yachts of all sizes.
Not only can the change the hull colour of a yacht but they can as was the case with the 37 metre Dardanella add decorative finishes.
Not only can they use Vinyl sheets to cover huge areas of superyacht hull or superstructure they also offer products that add a clear see through gloss protective shield to interior wood and surfaces.  This offers the perfect solution on how to keep well used charter yachts looking fresh.
If and when the invisible protective surface becomes scratched or damaged it can be removed and a new covering applied.
The system is quick, clean, easy to install and costs considerably less than more conventional protective methods.