Paul Allen to Loan Octopus to Royal Navy in Search for Bell from HMS Hood

The 126 metre superyacht Octopus currently in London for the duration of the Olympics is to be loaned to the British Royal Navy by her owner so that they can recover the bell of the warship HMS Hood sunk during World War Two.
Owner Paul Allen has told newspapers in the USA and UK that he will make the yacht available for the expedition after the Olympics is finished later this month.
The expedition to locate the bell is expected to last 10 and once located the bell is to be given to the HMS Hood Association who will use it create a memorial to the 1415 who died when the biggest British ship of her time was sunk.
Just three people survived the sinking.
The association supports veterans who served on the ship and families of those who were lost when HMS Hood went down.
HMS Hood was sunk on May 24, 1942 in the Denmark Strait by the German battleship, Bismarck built at Blohm & Voss.
None of the newspapers carrying the story of the loaning of Octopus to the Royal Navy explain why it is a superyacht carrying out the expedition and not a properly equipped salvage vessel.