Paddling a Canoe from the Isle of Man to Monaco

Chris Allix the Managing Director of Dominion Marine based in the Isle of Man has  embarked on the challenge of his life.
His goal is to paddle his Kayak from the Isle of Man to Monaco in time for the Monaco Yacht Show.  On the way he hopes to raise money for charity.
His planned route takes him across the Irish Sea to England, down through the canal network to the English Channel where he will cross to France… hopefully!
As if that wasn’t enough, He will then take on the full force of the French canal system making his way south to arrive in Monaco for the first day of the Monaco Yacht Show.
It is now possible to follow him on his website www.mantomonaco.comwhere he has added a tracker so you can now see which pubs he stops off in!!
So far he has reached the South Coats of England and the English Channel awaits him.